Here’s how to keep your information secure!

Keeping your personal information secure is our first priority. Briarwood offers use ofmany payment methods to process. In order to properly administrate the payment process of your orders, we collect your information such as your phone number, emails, address and payment account. We do not have visibility to your credit card number, only the last four digits appear on the invoice.But, incase you don’t want to store sensitive information like your credit card number online, you can store them offline.You can also consider payment facilitators like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Electron,American Express..etc to overlook the credit card related transactions. All personal information is encrypted between the customers and web servers – and is deleted as soon as the payment is processed. This is how we establish a secure relationship with our customers.

Your security begins with a strong password that contains milieu of alphabets, symbols and numerals. In case you forget your password, you don’t need to worry you can create a new one. Always make sure to log off from your account once you are done ordering. We are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, and we will notify you if any unauthorized use of password or account. For additional security we recommend that you encrypt passwords – so that any information shared with us is protected by encryption.

When you purchase something from our store, we collect the personal information you give in buying and selling process, we also receive your IP address. With your permission we send emails about our products and other updates. Your data is stored through Briarwood homes secured storage.

We want your shopping experience to be rejoicing and secured with Briarwood Homes.